Feel the Benefits

1. Pure wool is 100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

2. Wool is cosy and warm, yet breathable and cool. It actually adapts to the current temperature.

3. Wool is inheritently flame retardant and will often self-extinguish. Producing less smoke and toxic fumes than synthetic fibres - making it a safer choice for us and our homes.

4. Strong and long lasting - wool can withstands heavy wear over many years.

5. Easy care and stain resistant - a protective waxy coat on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining. Wool is naturally anti-static, attracting less dust than other fibres.

6. Wool has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. It helps make the air we breath cleaner and better.

7. Machine washable - on a wool wash up to 40 degrees. The wool wash cycle is very gentle with lots of water, the drum only moves horizontally. This is not the same as a delicate or hand-wash, when the drum rotates. This rotation causes friction which can cause felting. 

8. We recommend using an eco friendly washing liquid. Do not use liquid with Lanalin in, this will coat the wool making it stiff (more like its raw state).